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who are we?

in the good old days of the radio, we then had RJ's... then came TV, we had VJ's... now we have podcasts... we have PJ's... hahahhahahhahahaha :D

bad jokes but hopefully good music!!!

having worked for ages in radio gandharv (classical radio station on worldspace satellite radio service), shrinkhla is still recognised on the street as the voice of the erstwhile station even years after it being shut... but being a voice on the radio is one thing, this woman while pursuing PhD in Performance Studies, teaches at Center of Media Studies, writes for soundboX, has dabbled in community radio and even performs (is a trained bharatnatyam dancer)

when not pretending to make films, ujjwal chills... his claim to fame for being a PJ in here??? he likes to do the one most important thing in the art of music... listens to it ;) hehehhehehheh