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Friday, April 22, 2011

the basic idea:

the thing is that we love music, & there is a LOT happening in the music scene as of now in india. & we don't mean the music you hear on the bollywood/tollywood/kollywood/mollywood/ or any of the other woods, unless its woodstock ;)

sadly, somehow most of these things remain off the mainstream media. which is also a good thing-devoiding these artist's of huge commercial pressure by the media giants. anyway, so the deal is that there is a lot of seXy things happening in this scene in india now. and many of these artists/bands have a huge fan following and all. some of these bands have gone on to perform marvelously on the international stage too.

anyway, so the idea was to create a new platform for the same. as in a new "independent" platform where these artist's could be approached. & being for the independent artists, the platform also had to be independent... so that is why internet, podcast, free... the thing is that we doNT want anyone to dictate what we do in here, we want good music, new artists/bands, but MOST importantly to have a LOT of fun...

saying all that we are open to suggestions, in fact we love it when ppl tell us where to look, coZ that s how we have found some great music and all... so pls do,

love us??? hate us??? our eXistence doesn't matter to you??? or just have a suggestion??? drop in a mail at :


  1. Great idea... I was in India recently and went looking for music from the Indian bands that I've been folowing on the net for many years now. Bands like Indian Ocean, Advaita, Avial, TAAQ, Sawarthama, etc. But of course, there was nothing on the shelves of the stores I visited in New Delhi. Thanks for doing this.

    Jeet Das

  2. thanks for writing Jeet!
    Thats exactly the kind of gap that motivated us to start the podcast as an alternative means of sharing/disseminating/discussing indie music...hope to bring lots more in the coming months, do keep sharing ur views and spreading the word!